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  1. The USA is one of the most preferred destinations for abroad studies by students
  2. The USA has a welcoming environment for international students as it is itself a culturally diverse country
  3. With 50 states within it, the USA has a comparatively long list of options for students to choose from
  4. The USA has a number of options not only for colleges and universities but also for the range of courses it offers
  5. The USA, being the most powerful country in the world, gives students an International degree that is recognized around the globe



The minimum entry requirement to apply as an undergraduate student is 10+2 or equivalent degree. PCL and diploma are also accepted.




If you have completed Bachelor’s degree in any discipline that checks with USA 4 years bachelors degree then you can easily apply to be a graduate student. USA also houses many universities who accept 3 years bachelors with a minimum of 45%


Additionally you will need your language proficiency test result. The minimum required score varies from college to college.

Visa Process

Applying to study in USA, one must begin well in advance of the time planned to begin the course. Allowing yourself sufficient time to research the institution and prepare required documentsis the best thing to do. Collecting your transcript, getting in touch with your teachers and getting recommendation letters might take some time.



Spring- January/ february

Fall- August/September

Summer- May/June

Winter- March/April


Following documents will be required for your International student visa application process.

  1. Academic certificates ( from SLC to the highest degree attained)
  2. English language proficiency test results
  3. Application form
  4. Cover letter/ Statement of purpose (SoP)
  5. Resume (CV)
  6. Recommendation letters from teachers
  7. Bank Statement
  8. Affidavit of Financial statements

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